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Humanity's Predicament

Our industrialized existence–our American way of life–is enabled almost exclusively by enormous and continuously increasing supplies of the nonrenewable natural resources (NNRs)–fossil fuels, metals, and nonmetallic minerals–that serve as the raw material inputs to our industrialized economies, as the building blocks that comprise our industrialized infrastructure and support systems, and as the primary energy sources that power our industrialized societies.

Unfortunately, while there will always be plenty of NNRs in the ground, there are not enough economically viable NNRs in the ground to perpetuate our industrial lifestyle paradigm going forward.

Ironically, through our incessant pursuit of global industrialism, we have been eliminating–persistently and systematically–the finite and non-replenishing NNRs upon which our industrialized way of life and our very existence depend.

And because the natural resource utilization behavior that enables our current "success"–our industrialized way of life–and that is essential to perpetuating our success, is simultaneously undermining our very existence, neither our natural resource utilization behavior nor our industrial lifestyle paradigm is sustainable.

This is our predicament.

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